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What’s The Best Hair Dye for You?

To decide what’s the best hair dye for you is not an easy and simple task, especially if you want to dye your hair by yourself at home. You need to consider many important things such as your skin tones, your eye colors, and your natural hair colors. If you choose the wrong hair dye the outcome might look bad on you. After you decide what’s the best hair dye for you, you need to consider the brand and the quality of hair dye. Today we will give you information about all of these issues.

what's the best hair dye for you?

what’s the best hair dye for you?

What’s the best hair dye for you?

First you need to look to your natural skin tone. Whether you have warm skin tone or cool skin tone, you need to match it with your hair dye. For example, peoples who have warm skin tones usually have light and bright blonde natural hair, red natural hair, or brown with some highlight and they have blue or green eye colors. Their skin tones are peach or red colored and look pale. So for peoples with warm color you should not pick dark color and go to light hair dye such as blonde, red, and get some highlight for it.

best hair dyes

best hair dyes

For peoples with cool tones, for example peoples with brown skin tones and dark natural hair such as black, brown, and dark blond. Their eye colors are brown, deep blue, or black. So the best and suitable hair dyes for you are darker hair dye such as brown and black hair dye, or choose ash hair colors.

Hair dyes reflect your personality. For peoples who like to get some attention, they will chose bright, light, and unique hair colors. But for introvert peoples, they like to choose calm and soft hair colors. So choose what’s the best hair dye for you based on your personality.

what is the best hair dye

what is the best hair dye

What’s the best hair dye brands for you?

Before you purchase the brands of hair dye, you need to decide whether you want to buy semi permanent hair dyes, demi permanent hair dyes, temporary hair dyes, or permanent hair dyes. Permanent hair dye contains more peroxide than semi or demi permanent hair color which could damage your natural hair. So you need to be careful and prepare the proper hair maintenance such as hair conditioner and special shampoos available for dyed hair.

the best hair dye for you

the best hair dye for you

There are lots of hair dye brands available such as Revlon, Tresemme, and L’Oreal. Revlon offers high quality and the best hair dye for you. This popular hair dye has lots of hair colors such as red, blonde, brown, black, and many more. Many professional and beauty Salon use Tresemme hair colors brand as their popular hair dye. Tresemme has varied hair colors especially in blonde and brown hair dye. And for L’Oreal, you will easy to find it everywhere at your local store. L’Oreal hair dye brand offer lots of hair colors and they even have hair colors especially for highlight.

You need to protect your new dyed hair from sun light. For example, red hair colors are easy to fade because of sunlight, so you could use cap or umbrella when you go out.

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