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1990’s Fashion Trends and Hair Styles

Both 1990’s fashion trends and hair styles during that year are really the opposite of 1980’s fashion trends and hairs styles. If bigger outfits and colorful accessories were popular in 1980’s fashion styles, the 1990 year brings something new like soft and unique things for outfits and hair styles. In 1990; TV show, Music program, celebrities and some movies become icons for fashion trends. That year is the year for Will smith, Radio Head, and many Musicians or celebrities influenced both teenagers and adults. You need to know what popular fashion trends during that year because if you have not realize an old fashion always comes back again and become more popular.

1990 s fashion trends

1990 s fashion trends

What popular 1990’s fashion trends and hair styles for children?

First, we will give you information about kinds popular outfits during 1990 year. Parents like to give their children some outfits which influenced by grunge rocks. For example, flannel shirt that mixed with ripped jeans. Children like to wear popular band shirt like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. They mix their outfits with some sneakers shoes.

Bright and colorful outfits were popular as 1990’s fashion trends during that year. Children like to wear bright and baggy jeans and mix it with some belts. They also like to wear jeans with green and red colors. They wear high sneakers and bigger shoes for both girls and boys. High sneakers are very popular in 1990 year because girls like to look tall and boys like to look cool.

1990's fashion

1990′s fashion

Hair styles during 1990 year are all about hair accessories. They like to wear hair pin which have butterfly form and for boys they like to shaved their hair and add some brand logos.

What popular 1990’s fashion trends for teenagers and adults?

Like many children, teenagers and adults also influenced by music rock such as hip hop and grunge rocks. Hip hop music brings fashion styles with some dress, t-shirt, jackets, sweaters, and they like to mix it with bright colorful leggings. Tight jeans with colorful and bright color such as blue, red, and yellow were popular during this year. And for rock music, they brings grunge look such as band shirt which came with band’s name or band’s logo and they choose darker colors. Boys add some winter cap as their hair accessories and girls like to apply some dark nail polish to bring rocker feeling. Other are they add tattoos and piercings on their body or ears, nose, and belly button. That’s why clothes or some outfits which show up belly button were popular too during 1990 year.

90 s fashion trends

90 s fashion trends

In 1990 year, you surely remember about popular TV show friends. Friends TV Show was influenced so many people with their fashion styles and hair styles.  Rachel from friends becomes an icon for hair styles, for example long and straight hair with attractive layers. Other celebrity icon was Shania Twain with her high pony tail. Teenagers love pony tail in 1990 year because it is easy and simple.

Other 1990’s fashion trends are gothic and punk styles. These styles focused on blue clothes and darker color; mix it with jackets and boots then add some chained wallet which look so cool.

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