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1920′s Fashion Trends that Affect All Gender and Age Reader/Buyer. 4.5

1920′s Fashion Trends that Affect All Gender and Age

Nineteen twenty is an era where people still adapt to their post war era where they express themselves freely. Man and especially women could do anything that they like after this First World War period. Women become more active outside the house; do many activities that they should not do in the old time such as sports, driving, smoke and do office jobs. With the new independence feelings that still floating in the air, the 1920′s fashion trends also affected by it. They need fashion that is simple and will support all of their active movement that they could do but still beautiful at the same time.

1920 s fashion trends

1920 s fashion trends

The 1920′s fashion trends affect fashion for all age and gender so we could see fashion trend in for many if them in this article, such as:

  1. Children 1920′s fashion trends that affect all gender and age

With the free feelings in the twenties era, children clothing also been freed from the entire layer that they used to have in their clothing. Although they still use dress for girls, they will use simple dress that easy to float and very comfortable because it is made from cotton. They also use some cardigan to accessorize it, the color that they use also very bright and cheerful unlike the old dark pastel color that they used to wear. For boys they like to wear short pants with t-shirt or jersey to pair it with. Although wealthier boys still wear velvet suits that they use to wear.

1920's fashion for women

1920′s fashion for women

  1. Men 1920′s fashion trends that affect all gender and age

The freedom of twenties trend is reflected by the use of leather jacket by men in this era. This trend is bought by Charles Lindbergh a famous pilot on that era. There are also many different pants that they wear such as knickers pants that are knee length, baggy pants that wore outside the knickers to hide them. Suits also still in trend during this era, but they have fitting suit rather than the old baggy suit that they wore in the old time. This fitting suit will express their young and free spirit as well as to show their athletic shape.

1920s fashion trends ideas

1920s fashion trends ideas

  1. Women 1920′s fashion trends that affect all gender and age

As for women they start to wear flapper dress to express their freedom. This above the knee skirt has sexy feelings that none of the old dress has. They could easily reveal part of their beautiful legs and body that are hide by the old times dress that have long length.  They fabric also very light and flowing so it is very comfortable to be used. Because of the short length skirt that they wear, there is major change in shoes trend in the twenties. Shoes become the most essential things that women should pay attention to. The freedom also applied in the women hairstyle trend, they tend to choose shorter hairstyle so they would not have to deal with their hairdos too often. The most popular hairstyle that we could still see today is the bob hairstyle.

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